Why you should watch Netflix’s Sex Education ?

Why you should watch Netflix’s Sex Education ?

Netflix’s on of the most popular web series whose name is Sex EducationThe first season of Sex Education was released in 11 January 2019 in Netflix, which became very popular and was rated 8.3/10 by IMDb which is quite impressive. In view of its popularity, the producer released it’s season 2, in 14 January 2020, and the public also liked it and the demand for this web series increased even more as compare to before, but you must have come to mind that what is in this web series You should watch this web series. So today we are going to talk about why you want this web.

Sex Education web series have lots of Comedy and Drama related to sex problems. This web series Created by Laurie Nunn and it’s Starring is Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling and others. It’s Composer are Oli Julian and Ezra Furman. Producer of this web series is Jon Jennings and total two season of Sex Education was release in last two years and there is total 16 episode ,each season have 8 episode which are around 47-59 minutes .

Sex Education’s these things will make you watch it

Sex education Otis And Meave relationship

The first of this web series is that a teenager boy whose name Otis who thinks himself socially awkward is very upset cause of his mother. Because his mother is a sex therapist and she doesn’t feel any  hesitate about anything related to sexuality. Otis, who has a sex-related problem, but when he learns that the sex-related people in his school have a problem, then he starts a business together with a girl from his school named Meave. Meave and Otis share the profit that the people have with the sex-related problem solution and share the profit. 

In the second season, Otis goes into a relationship called Ola but he feels uncomfortable with her and he realizes that he falls in love with Meave but in the meantime you will get to see all the drama that is going on. Meanwhile, Otis’s mother and Ola’s father get into a relationship, due to which Otis becomes angry with his mother because he does not like Ola’s father at all. is exciting. You must watch this web series once, because after watching this web series, you will have fresh memories of your school and after watching it, you must give your opinion about how you liked this web series. According to Netflix’s it’s third season will be released in 2021 in Netflix and it will be more intresting as compare to it’s previous season .


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