Why you should learn 3D ?

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Why you should learn 3D ?

Most people learn a language as a concept first.
The basics
My dear native tongue may be French, but the words in my mind are Spanish or Italian. I’m immersed in that culture.
But if I want to understand a culture deeply I would have to learn the language.
I could choose Japanese. Again, I may choose French or Spanish, but either way I would end up with a functional level of competence, albeit by studying the “3D” way, learning in depth.
This is probably one of the reasons I love math, mathematics, physics and astronomy – I love the depth of understanding that 3D helps me achieve.
There’s an entirely new world out there
There’s no limit to what you can learn. So far, we have been content with learning facts, until now. The knowledge we carry in our heads represents only a small portion of what’s out there, and our brains are so efficient at processing that it takes longer to learn a concept in depth than it takes to learn something in a superficial manner.
But the 3D way is helping us understand it, not just in depth, but in context and a holistic way.
Make it your mission
Not everyone will agree on the way to learn, and there will always be a small portion of people who choose to be more intellectual, choosing to learn with depth first, but there’s something different about the 3D way of learning that I have witnessed so far:
Learning matters.
Facing it
You’re curious. You want to be like Steve Wozniak, Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein.
It’s time for you to take action. Make it your mission, to make learning happen.
A mission is the nucleus of an organization, and the nucleus of learning.
If you haven’t come across these theories or ideas before, it might be time to explore them. You might end up learning new things, and changing your perspective.
Words will always be our most potent tools, learning them well will unlock new doors in your mind.
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