Why Netflix Lost in Space web series is so popular ?

Why Netflix Lost in Space web series is so popular ?

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Lost in Space web series is the most awaited and most popular web series but why it is so popular everybody wants to know that why you should watch Lost in Space web series. If we talk about its season then there is 2 season which are already released in Netflix with English and Hindi both dual audio and the total number of episode are 10 in each season which are nearby 60 minute average duration . Lost in Space was released in 13 April 2018 with 10 episode which became most popular series ever in TV series history . After one year the released Lost in Space season 2 in 24 December 2019 just before a day of Christmas for their fans.
If we talk about the ratings, then IMBb have rated the Lost in Space Season 1 web series as 7. 3/10 which is quite awesome. In this web series you will get to see the Family ,Drama , Adventure which is completely Sci -Fi. If you like Sci-fi web series then i can say that this web series is made for you and defenitely you will like this web series and if you didn’t watch this web series then i prefer you must watch Lost in Space web series once . Now we talk about their popularity ,why it is so popular ?

Why you should watch Lost in Space ?

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If we talk about Lost in Space web series story concept then it is start from a trip of Space where a family which are known by Robinsons . Their space ship crashed in space therefore they landed on a unknown alien planet .Now they fight from unknown animals and also aliens in their planet .When they land the crash, they face more than one problem. The youngest member of the Robinson family, who saves life of an alien, and he makes him his friend and then he helps them . In this web series you can feel that how much difficult to spend times in space .
Irwin Allen created this web series under Netflix production and the Composers of Lost in Space is Christopher LennertzJohn Williams . This web series is generally recreated from the movie Lost in Space which was released in 1998 and also it is related through TV series which was telecast in 1965 and now Netflix recreate this web series with some new concept which are liked by audience thats why they release 2 season of Lost in Space and now Netflix working for its season 3 which are probably release in this year end in Netflix.
Now the time for important question and the question is , did you see this web series ? If you already watched this web series then must share your review about this through comment and if you didn’t watch it then just watch out today.  


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