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Moonshot 7 has just reached the halfway mark for the year (October 2018) and we are still convinced that in 2021 programming languages will not be learning right from left. Programming language today is a complex programming environment, full of tools, libraries and frameworks of which one can use in many cases to have programming pleasure. Currently programming languages are largely languages which are used to solve certain coding related problems, mostly in the area of software development.
And it is very likely that software development won’t change much between 2018 and 2021. It is very unlikely to happen to programming languages in 2021. Languages may change slightly to suit a more specialized task or to meet a need of a certain topic which is seldom addressed by programming languages, but programming languages in 2021 won’t change in order to suit the concept of programming language, and programming languages won’t change to suit a certain programming domain. Programming languages in 2021 may well change to meet a software development need.
However, software development is not necessarily the only programming domain which will change. Programming languages, programming tasks, and frameworks are not entirely sufficient for software development in 2021, especially in software development which does not involve programming.
What the programming languages in 2021 will look like
Programming language may evolve and change a lot between 2018 and 2021, and we are not going to discuss which programming language is more valuable in the first half of 2021. Instead, we are going to examine programming tasks which will make programming a different experience in 2021 compared to programming today. We are focusing on these tasks because programmers will use programming languages in the years 2021 to achieve programming tasks.
We will also take into consideration a lot of different ideas about programming languages: programmers’ ideals, programmers’ wishes, what is going to be expected, how languages will change, etc. This is not a question of which programming language is the most suitable one, but rather about how programming languages will change between 2018 and 2021. We will try to look at programming tasks in different programming languages, and whether they will be exactly the same in 2021.
What programming languages to learn in 2021
Is programming better than computer science or not? From our point of view, software engineering isn’t software engineering. Software engineering is a very special term of art which refers to software development, but software development in its broadest sense refers to programming, especially programming languages.
We have already written in 2016 about programming languages to learn in 2017, and a lot of improvements were made to programming languages in 2017 compared to 2016. It is also possible to see that programming language has more than one meaning and development may make programming tasks very different.
For instance, today programming language may not even have a task in which they are used. Many programming tasks are already solved and are obsolete, but programming tasks are going to be very different in 2021. We have been trying to reflect this fact by looking at many programming tasks, and programming tasks, and a large number of programming tasks are extremely different between 2017 and 2021.
Yet programming tasks may be very similar between 2017 and 2021, depending on what we are trying to accomplish. There are definitely programming tasks that will be exactly the same between 2018 and 2021, and some coding tasks are better than others in terms of their balance and performance. However, we also see many programming tasks becoming obsolete in the years ahead. Some programming tasks have already been forgotten today, and software developers have forgotten how programming languages used to be, and there are coding tasks which we have long forgotten and therefore are going to be abandoned.
Programming tasks are also very different today compared to 2011. Most programming tasks aren’t strictly different, and we don’t feel that coding tasks have become significantly better or worse than programming tasks in 2011. There are still some coding tasks which haven’t changed much, and programming tasks that were very different in 2011 will be very different in 2021. Some coding tasks may not be at all different in 2021, but many coding tasks will have changed. The framework of programming tasks may evolve, and programming tasks may be different to each other between 2018 and 2021.



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