What will happen in the new episode of the Yasak Elma series?

What will happen in the new episode of the Yasak Elma series?
Yasak Elma episode 92

When is the final date of our series? Who are the shocking names to leave our series? What’s the news to upset us all? Will Yıldız and Çağatay leave? I’ll explain all of them to you in this post friends. In the new episode of the fox Tv Yasak Elma series, Yıldız, Ender and Şahika were last imprisoned. Most likely, Çağatay will go to jail to learn the truth. At first, Çağatay will not believe that Yıldız is the murderer. But after the facts are revealed, Çağatay will make a decision.

These could be happen in the new episode of the Yasak Elma series?

As a result, he will divorce Yıldız and leave him. Because Çağatay’s mother and father will prevent this marriage from continuing. Since Çağatay has a daily relationship, he will easily remove Yıldız from his life. Also, two more people will leave our series soon. One of them is Eda Ece, namely Yıldız. The other person will be Nesrin Cavadzade. In other words, with the name in the series, Şahika will leave our series.

It is not clear when they will go now. But in the upcoming episodes, they will also go from our series. Eda Ece even stated in the TV 100 program that she would leave the Yasak Elma. And he said he would be involved in different projects. The departure of the two main roles means that the series will end. Our series will be finals soon. Not having too many topics to be covered will bring our series to the end. Due to the low ratings, the series will not be on the screen next season. But if the ratings increase, our series will be on the screens for another season.

So will Yıldız, Ender and Şahika be released from prison?

Let’s explain that right away. The penalties for all of them will be final in the next section. Most likely, Ender and Yıldız’s sentence will be at least 10 years in prison. Because both committed murder. But there will be a reduction in criminal proceedings for not doing it deliberately. Even if they don’t stay in prison for 10 years, they will stay at least 5 years. Because Nazım was sentenced to 26 years in prison. But he was imprisoned for 5 years.

He was then released. Şahika will soon be released from prison. But poverty will wait for two. Ender and Şahika will lose all their money in the company. Hasan Ali Kuyucu will drive everyone to bankruptcy. And he will defraud them and become the sole owner of the Holding. The star will not be affected by this. Because Yıldız had no shares in Argun Holding. But Halit Can had shares. Since a guardian has been appointed to Halit Can’s shares, all of his money will be safe. Thanks to Halit Can, Yıldız will always remain rich. So do you want our series to be final.


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