What is the reason behind Turkey is a powerful country?

What is the reason behind Turkey is a powerful country?

What_is_the_reason_behind_Turkey_is_a _powerful_country
Why Turkey is a powerful country ?

Today, even if you are in any corner of the world, but you must still see about Turkey on TV, but what is the reason why Turkey is constantly becoming stronger and let’s go about it. In this article, I will tell you 7 reasons why Turkey has been seen or emerging as a powerful country. Turkey is militarily joining Syria, Libya and Iraq and European countries despite economic crises, facing frequent verbal skirmishes with the US and Gulf countries. So many people are thinking themselves how can a country with a population of only 84 million and an economy 4 times smaller than Germany protect its interests at all costs and against all.

There are some point indicate why Turkey is powerful

Turkey Geographical map

Start seizing Turkish military power and their weapons easiest and local and national. Turkey ranks 11th out of 138 countries in the Global Firepower Index. The point is that some of its capabilities are linked to weapons, but many are associated with factors not included in military indices, such as the Global Firepower Index, which focus only on numerical indicators. Yes, the Turkish Army is made up of over 700,000 military personnel in total, and has over 200 combat aircraft and 2,500 tanks on its list, indicating considerable firepower. However, The Global Firepower Index is unlike Egypt, with Turkey not having a serious addiction to foreign countries to meet the basic needs of the military.Turkey has combat rifles, armored vehicles, guided missiles, rocket launchers, electronic warfare systems, combat drones and many other domestic production. All the components that Turkey needed a fighter aircraft or could not produce alone, but still have an impressive figure of around 70% of domestic production. The second reason is that the army and people have a way of experiencing war, stronger than the Turkish people.

After the end of World War II, most Western countries experienced steady economic growth in a peaceful environment. This was not the case between 1960–1997, which witnessed four military coup in Turkey. In addition, former Soviet satellites of Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia formed throughout the neighborhood for 40 years. A NATO country previously involved against the Soviet threat to Turkey during the Cold War, was an alarm state during a period of more than 40 years.

In addition, Turkey has struggled for 36 years, although the terrorist organization PKK in Iraq enters Turkey’s territorial integrity in Syria under serious risks in the PKK and trade. Therefore, many internal and external threats faced a number of reasons for strengthening in Turkey, a large geographic area for preparation and borders within and beyond military, intelligence and human resources to improve their skills There was a lot of time. In addition, there is a strong bond between the military and the nation. Turks see the defense of their country as a duty, and thousands attend the funeral of martyr soldiers.

  • ➤ The Turkish Strait, consisting of Bosphorus and Dardanelles, are two internationally important waterways connecting the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea with the Black Sea. Due to its strategic importance in international trade, politics, and war, the Turkish Straits have played an important role in European and world history. These strips have been administered since 1936 according to the Montreux Convention. The convention gives Turkey the right to control warships of the Republic hug, but guarantees the free passage of civilian ships during the peacock’s lifetime.

  • ➤ Turkish migrants and Turkish people in the soft power of Turkey.The Turkish diaspora, who immigrated from Turkey and around the world, is the population of the Ottoman former Ottoman Empire. This includes Turkish communities from the Balkans, Cyprus or Arab-majority states such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Algeria. In addition, millions of people from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kasaki, Turkmenistan, Ottoman countries such as Kyrgyzstan are supporting Turkey a lot. Turkic languages ​​are the second most spoken language in Iran and Russia, and the Turkish Uyghur language is one of the most spoken languages ​​in China.
  • ➤ Turkish-speaking communities originated in Turkey, including the Kurds, indicating the presence of serious numerical figures in Western Europe, and it is estimated that the number of people migrating from Turkey is around 5.5 million. The number of Turks arriving in Europe from former Ottoman lands in Europe, Africa and the Middle East is not included in these estimates. The fifth reason is the strong support of the Sunni Muslim population in the world, estimated at 1.3 billion. Relations between governments can deteriorate rapidly, but relations between people are more long-term. Sunni Muslims make up the majority of the population in many geographically distant countries such as Senegal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia. Thus, religious or cultural reasons, millions of people who have sympathy with Turkey.
  • ➤ Turkey is self-sufficient in meeting its food needs. In times of uncertainty, people fulfill their basic needs instead of buying luxury items. This came about to those concerned about the food supply, especially in the early phase of Kovid-19. Unlike non-indigenous agricultural production and the food production industry with many developed countries, Turkey does not have to worry about food supplies. Turkey is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers and food companies make up 20% of Turkey’s 500 largest producers. Therefore, being self-sufficient in difficult times can be a huge benefit.
  • ➤ Reason: War will inevitably be the gateway to Europe in Turkey. Turkey’s geographical location will provide Turkey with advantages and disadvantages in wartime. It has borders with Turkey at the same time, Europe and Middle East. If Turkey enters a conflict it does not allow migrants from the territory of Turkey to reach Europe. In addition, approximately 24 million people live in the Marmara region and millions can reach Europe in 4 hours.
  • ➤ If we look at the map, starting from Pakistan and Afghanistan, we can see two possible migration routes through Iran and Turkey, which can reach the next stop Europe. Another possible route is through Arab-dominated Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, where immigrants can cross the Turkish border within hours. Therefore, over time the people of the war-mentioned countries over Turkey will try to reach Europe and Turkey will do nothing to stop them, moreover, it will stop its population.


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