What is Cloud Computing ?

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Cloud computing is the ability to provide computing services using remote storage systems, and through some remote computing resources in a distributed computing environment. Cloud computing can also refer to large infrastructures of central systems for online collaboration, and cloud-computing services for many of the technologies listed above. Cloud computing refers to the interconnection of these technologies in a way that enables them to be accessed, used, and shared from wherever and whenever an individual can get online.

The cloud offers a kind of redundancy. It works like a kind of backup system to allow the system or software to continue working without being completely compromised by being completely out of action. Many cloud-based services are designed to be interconnection-aware. For example, an email provider can establish a distributed storage system across its servers. All the email clients could go onto the email server and look at messages and send new ones to each other.
Cloud computing can be a combination of software systems and storage, and it can provide any computing resource necessary to create an interconnection. For example, there can be virtual machine hosting of virtual hardware that has much more speed and power than the real hardware. Virtual machine hosting of servers can be created in a network so that no one needs to have the virtual machine in their local computing system. Virtual machine hosting can be done on local computer systems, remote servers, and in the cloud. In the cloud, any type of computer system that can provide its own interconnection, can be interconnecting with other systems of the cloud, such as all virtual machine hosts or email systems.
What is Cloud Computing ?
Cloud computing is closely related to computing without disks, where each virtual machine may have a copy of its state stored on its own remote storage. Cloud computing requires this interconnection in order to provide an interconnection-aware system. Most modern software systems require multiple applications to be able to communicate. For example, in a distributed system, each distributed client application will need to communicate with many different remote locations, including each of its own servers.
Cloud computing can use many different kinds of infrastructure. For example, in the cloud computing environment, virtual machine hosts may be linked to other storage systems using a network interface card or virtual bus and peripheral cards. The virtual host may be the guest operating system itself, and the networking system may be the virtual bus. One of the issues in cloud computing is finding the best method to interconnect different computers.


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