Privacy Policy


Hello friends i will tell you some Policy & Privacy will help you to understand which and what type of information i will share in my website . If you use our website then you need to follow Privacy Policy of our website otherwise i have full right to block block you.

Which Type of information i share

1. Bollywood, Hollywood and all types of television serial related latest news.
2. Politics related news all around the world.
3. Technology and latest gadgets and smartphones related informations.
4. Daily basis and important application for you computer and smarthones.
5. All types of games which are available in internet.
6. Goverment and private jobs which are currently vaccany in India.
7.All latest viral news and Social media relted information.

What can i do for you

1. Anything informtion which i share in my website you can tell me about that through comments how can i improve my skill and which type of information you need.
2. If you got something wrong in my website then you can suggest me in contact page  i will try to solve that in my website.
3. Which type of content i should share you can suggest me in comments section or contact page i will try to provide that content to improve in my visitors.

How can you use NEWS UPDATE

1. You don’t post anytype of bad comments.
2. Which type of post provide to you only that topic related comments allow.
3. If you have any type of complaint then you can send direct message in my contact page but don’t use bad words.

Third Party Link

You can’t share any type of website link without my permission. If you need then you can share otherwise you can’t post any type of link otherwise i can’t publish your comments so guys keep it in mind if you need then you can share links.


Cookies is a good and small size file.which browser we used in our device it will send to the hardware.We can use cookies for my website in future.

Change Privacy Policy

EXPRESS INDIAN Privacy Policy can be changed any time. When we change it i will inform you through a post .

Terms And Condition

Then i hope you will follow all Privacy Policy of my website.

All Rights Reserved

I have full right to block, delete, spam, your comments so i hope you don’t break the Privacy policy of my website.