Pakistan vs Israel military power comparison 2020

 Pakistan vs Israel military power comparison 2020 – Who is more powerful ?

Pakistan vs Israel Military Power Comparison 2020

Pakistan vs Israel –
As we know that pakistan & Israel is one of the biggest enemy to each other but we don’t know who is more powerful in current decade that is 2020. So here we will see in this article who is more powerful in 2020 or if any war has been happen then which country will be in lead we will see in this article.

Land Power Comparison between Pakistan & Israel
Pakistan defense budget is around 10.8 Billion dollor while Israel defense budget is around double of Pakistan defense budget which is around 20 billion $ that is why Israel defense is quite better than Pakistan it is fact but it’s doesn’t mean Pakistan is weaker than Israel. We are saying this cause report say that Pakisani army is much larger than Israel also Pakistan have most advanced technology whcich are purched from China cause China is Pakistan’s friend.

Pakistan have 653,800 active military personnel while Isarael have only 176,500 active military personnel only. Pakistani army have 513,000 reserved personnel in other side Israel have 445,000 reserved mpersonnel. Now if talk about their toatal military availablity than Pakistan have 48,453,305 total military personnel while Israel have 1,797,960 total military personnel.

Pakistan have around 2,700 tanks and 3,000+ armoured fighting vehicles(AFVs) while Israel have around 2,200+ tanks and 6,700+ armoured fighting vehicles(AFVs).

Air Power Comparison between Israel & Pakistan

Pakistani Airforce have around 1,100+ aircraft where 186 fighting aircraft, 225 multirole aircraft, 90 attack aircraft & 323 helicopters in other side if we talk about Israel than Israeli Airforce have around  round 700+ aircraft where 52 fighting aircraft, 352 multirole aircraft, 25 attack aircraft & 177 helicopters.

Pakistan have F-16 & JF-17 multirole aircraft which are one of the best aircraft technology in this current time so that make Pakistani airforce strong cause they have these kind of aircraft but if we talk about Israel than Israeli airforce have F-16 & F-35 advanced technology multirole aircraft which is quite better than Pakistani F-16 & JF-17 aircraft.

Nuclear power comparison

As we know that both country have nuclear warheads & if we talk about number of nuclear warheads than the fact is no one know about the exact numbers of any weapons while exact data only known by that country self so according to reports Pakistan have 160 nuclear warheads which are not exact but many reports say that it is around 160 while Israel have 90 nuclear warheads.

So all the data is present here now it’s time to comment below & tell us what is your opinion which country is more powerful in all field. I hope you liked this article so please share this with your friend & relative.


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