Jharkhand: HIV test will be mandatory before marriage, know what is the government’s plan?

Jharkhand: HIV test will be mandatory before marriage, know what is the government’s plan?

HIV test will be mandatory before marriage

World AIDS Day is widely known everywhere the planet on 1 December every year , with the aim of spreading awareness about HIV. Awareness programs are being organized in many nations of India on the occasion of today . during this series, programs also are being held in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. At an equivalent time, the Jharkhand government is considering to implement the rule of compulsory HIV test before marriage.

In Ranchi, Health Minister Banna Gupta told the media on Tuesday that a lot of awareness programs are being organized by the Central and government to stop the spread of diseases like AIDS. He said that the approaching generation and their offspring will need to make people aware to guard themselves from HIV infection.

Jharkhand’s Health Minister said that the govt is considering making necessary provisions for getting a boy-girl HIV test before marriage, but the implementation of any law is that the most vital thing that folks themselves should remember of.

Earlier, Health Minister Banna Gupta said during a tweet that AIDS Day is widely known per annum on 1 December. Its aim is to spread awareness about AIDS in people. this point its theme is to finish the AIDS epidemic, to possess resilience and impact. He appealed everyone to satisfy and cooperate in ending it.

AIDS situation in Jharkhand. The number of AIDS patients in Jharkhand is 25,757. Of these, 20,919 patients are undergoing treatment at ART Center. The remaining patients who have gone to other states have gone to other states or they’re not getting their treatment.

HIV test was zero during Corona’s time

According to the report of the Jharkhand AIDS Control Society, HIV tests are zero within the coronary period. immediately most of the govt hospitals are busy in handling the corona epidemic, also as not one HIV test has been wiped out private hospital. the amount of HIV patients reported within the report has been reported since 2002. the amount of 25,757 patients has been reported, this figure has also been reported before the coronary period.

Which districts have the very best number of HIV patients?

Six districts of Jharkhand have the very best number of HIV patients. These include Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Dhanbad, East Singhbhum, Giridih and Koderma districts. There are 5,286 HIV patients in Ranchi, 5,485 in Hazaribagh, 3,961 in Jamshedpur, 1,902 in Dhanbad, 1,726 in Giridih and 1,220 in Koderma thus far .

Pension is given to AIDS patients

One thousand rupees per month are given to AIDS patients within the state for transportation, under the state security pension. Presently 3,500 patients are availing this scheme. There are 24 Sadar Hospitals and three Medical Colleges within the state and free HIV screening is completed here.


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