Iran vs USA Military Power Comparison in 2020

 Iran vs USA Military Power Comparison in 2020Who is more powerful?


 Iran vs USA : Both Iran and (USA) America fall under the category of the most powerful countries, but the question is who is more powerful between these two countries, today we will know about which can be heavy if war happen. As we know Iran and America are staunch enemies of each other and there is always a rift in these two countries and the relationship between these two countries powerful countries is not very good either.

On another side, America wants to keep all the countries under its control, altough Iran is the owner of its own free will and it does not want to be under pressure from any country, so there is always a rift in these two countries. That is what we saw recently, how the condition of war between these two countries had also been created, but some big countries reconciled between these two countries and the war was averted.

Iran vs USA  Land Power Comparison


If we talk about Iran, the total population of this country with an area of ​​1,648,195square kilometers is 78,192,200. The total military budget of this country is 14 billion dollars. If we talk about the ground forces of Iran, then Iran has a total of 550,000active military personnel whereas 350,000 is the reserved military personnel. If we look at all the army, Iran has a total of 23,619,215 military personnel. Now if we talk about Iran’s ground weapons, Iran has a total of 2,056 tanks, more than 4,300 armored vehicles, more than 570 are self-propelled artillery while 1,935 are rocket projectors includes in their military.

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Now if we talk about  America, the total population of this country with an area of ​​9,857,306 square kilometers is 324,527,000. The total military budget of this country is 715 billion dollars, which is much higher than the military budget of all the countries of the world. If we talk about US ground forces, USA has a total of 1,281,900 active military personnel whereas 811,000 is the reserved personnel. If we look at all the army, USA has a total of 73,270,043 military personnel, which is much more than Iran. 

Now if we talk about America’s ground weapons, USA has a total of 6,289tanks, more than 39,253 armored vehicles, more than 1,465 self propelled artillery while 2,740 rockets are projectors. Which means that America has much more weapons than Iran, but this does not mean that Iran is weak.

  Iran vs USA  Air Power Comparison

If we compare the air strength of Iran and America, Iran has a total of 509 aircraft, of which 155 are Combat Aircraft, 23 dedicated attack 12 Attack Helicopter 62 transporter 94 Trainer aircraft. If we talk about America, America also has more aircraft than Iran. The USA has a total of 13,264 aircraft, of which 2,085 are Combat Aircraft 715 dedicated attack 967 attack helicopter 945 transporter 2,643 trainer aircraft.

As America is famous worldwide for its latest technology fighter aircrafts. The United States includes fighter aircraft such as F-16 and F-35 equipped with latest technology, which increases the airforce power capacity of the USA to a great extent and also increases the strength of American Airforce.

 Iran vs USA  Navy Power Comparison

Iran has 34 submarinesincluding 7 frigates and 3 corvetteswhen comparing navy power to Iran and America. Iran will prove to be a little weak in being able to ride by sea due to Iran not having an aircraft carrier. On the other hand, the US has a 20 aircraft carrier which significantly strengthens the strength of us navy. While America has 66 Submarines, 91 Destroyers and 19 Corvettees. America is far ahead of Iran in joining the sea.

Both countries are one of the most biggest enemies of each other, so America wants to stop Iran from became nuclear power country. If Iran becomes a nuclear power country, then it will not listen to America any more. According to the report, Iran have a very high quantity of Uranium and if this is true, Iran will soon become a nuclear power country.On the other hand, America has more than 6,500 nuclear warheads. America ranks first in the world of nuclear power countries while Russia is on second position.


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