How to Create an App without Coding ?

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How to Create an App without Coding ?

I’ve done almost nothing on the coding front of my app! All I’ve done so far is create a website in HTML and PHP and that’s it. No coding at all. It’s not even called an app; it’s an app which is a technical detail.
There are two aspects to building a mobile app.
Creating a website in HTML, CSS and PHP
Drawing graphic and web components with SVG and CSS
Building a website with HTML, CSS and PHP
First we’ll look at the HTML & CSS, which you can create without coding. The pages will be laid out in the HTML & CSS which you will draw.
This way we can quickly create the app, not in code, and put it on your phone. You’ll see that there are no sophisticated technologies like SVG for example. The app will look like any regular website. You can’t even read the icon fonts for Windows Phone or Android; the icons will be shown in CSS (CSS2) for example.
In the case of developing apps, it’s often more efficient to use the right tools to create the app. There are some JavaScript tools which will create the app as we write the code. Unfortunately it’s easier to develop apps with the wrong tools.
Of course you can write the code in JavaScript, if you want, but your app will look bad and it will be slow. Although you’re not coding, the app will be slow when your animations and transitions are done using CSS.
The mobile app development process is similar to developing a website in HTML & CSS, except that you can draw graphics using SVG and CSS for the elements.
Using SVG for styling is a good way to create visual effects with the code. This is a technique which works well for creating icons.
In the case of the game I created for Pocket Games, the animations are done in SVG and the graphical elements are drawn with SVG. This is the same as working in Photoshop or Illustrator for building icons.
App Design & Marketing
As for the App Design & Marketing, this part is similar to the web design process: writing the code and drawing graphics with SVG, using CSS. The website will look much like a website for Android or iOS and not like a website in a browser.
Using mobile web applications are not an advantage here since most websites are designed for mobile web applications.
Putting Your App On Pocket Games
Download the app here!
I’ve been promoting this app on Pocket Games by promoting it in the developer blog. You can find all the news related to mobile web apps on the developer blog of Pocket Games.
Use the free application on my mobile website
My company Pocket Games has published a nice app that works well for designing games and for developing HTML, CSS and JavaScript apps. You can download the app here:
Download Codechooser for Android or iOS
To use Codechooser for Android or iOS you need to download the application for Android or iOS from the developer site. You will receive the app on your mobile phone, which will allow you to install it on your device.
Once you open the app, you will see Codechooser in the main panel. In the top right corner of the app there is a link to download the mobile website. Then you can open the website through Codechooser for Android or iOS and enjoy the HTML, CSS and PHP for mobile web applications!
Note: You can create mobile apps using the mobile website just as much as you create websites for mobile devices. Using the mobile website is a nice way to test and develop mobile apps.



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