How did Mossad catch the killer of six million Jews?

How did Mossad catch the killer of six million Jews?


Today’s date is related to a court ruling under which a pauper was sentenced to death. His crime was the murder of six million innocent Jews. He was a very special survivor of Hitler. He was arrested outside Hitler’s defeat but quickly escaped from prison. For the next ten years, Mossad also followed him. Then he was kidnapped and brought to Israel and justice was done. This story is by Adolf Eichmann. Mastermind of the final solution, now what is this final solution. It was a code name. Operation of the where abouts of the Jews who came under German occupation during the Second World War.

The policy of the final solution was made in the 1988 Business Conference. Adolf Eichmann’s job was to identify the Jews, collect them, and then fill them in the train and send them to the death camp. Where gas chambers would have been waiting for them. What Adolf Eichmann did with his work, his experience of killing Jews was old. Earlier he used to do the same thing in Austria and Paraguay. By the end of the Second World War, some six million Jews had been killed.

Hitler shot himself in his closed room as soon as the Nazi Empire disintegrated. He was aware of his death and arrested those who survived. All of them were tried and convicted according to the crime. But Adolf Eichmann was nowhere in these trials. He was arrested but escaped from the jail by dodging. He had no idea since he escaped. Then came the year 1948. Israel became the first Prime Minister for Jews, David Ben-Gurion became the first Prime Minister. David Ben-Gurion wanted to create a central agency that co-ordinates with the rest of the Security Service. In March 1951, the structure of Mossad was changed. Since then the agency started reporting directly to the Prime Minister. 

Mossad’s roles also changed over time. In 1991, Mossad received a news from Argentina. The news was that Adolf Eichmann was staying there and the news was confirmed. Now Mossad began his operation and agents were sent to Argentina. Complete information was received after performing watching for several months. Adolf Eichmann was living near the capital Buenos Aires by the name of Ricardo Clement. The killer of six million Jews was living a peaceful life. There was no extradition treaty between Argentina and Israel, so it was not possible to legally transport Adolf Eichmann to Israel, but it was necessary to take him as well. When Mossad started looking for opportunity, the opportunity came in May 1960. Argentina was celebrating 150 years of revolution against Spain.

Tourists from all over the world were arriving in Argentina. Some agents entered the country disguised as Tourists. After this complete planning was done. The day of operation was kept on 11 May. Adolf Eichmann used to come home by bus every evening. A few hundred meters from where the bus used to stay, where it was inside. It was decided that Adolf Eichmann would be knocked unconscious on this path. He stopped waiting for them, two trains were kept ready. Now Adolf Eichmann was just waiting. She arrived at the scheduled time but did not have Adolf Eichmann.

Was Mossad this plan going to fail?

The agent decided to wait for some more time in this. The next bus arrived half an hour later. By then everyone’s beating had become very fast. They were eagerly watching and this time a short middle aged man got off the bus and headed towards the same path where the Mossad agent’s trains were ready. He was the exact same man. The agents immediately got into their work, they caught Adolf Eichmann in the car and left immediately. Adolf Eichmann was kept at the Mossad Safe House. This operation had to be kept hidden for the next nine days.

The next flight from Argentina to Israel was scheduled on 20 May. If the Argentine government had known the safe house in the middle, then not only the life of the Mossad agent would have been endangered, but even such a big target would have been lost forever. Several occasions came when the entire operation reached the verge of failure but the agent handled the case with his understanding. On May 20, everyone boarded the flight. Adolf Eichmann’s getup was changed, he was rendered unconscious by medication. Airport Security was told that he was an Israeli airline worker and suffered a severe head injury. In this way, Adolf Eichmann was taken to Israel.

If you want to know in detail about this operation, a film Operation Finale, you can see this film, in which Adolf Eichmann is played by Ben Kingsley. Three days later, Ben Gurion announced that Adolf Aifman was in possession. There was an uproar in the whole world after this. Adolf Eichmann was asked to return to Argentina and Israel refused to do so. Adolf Eichmann’s case began in Jerusalem on 11 April 1961. He was charged with fifteen crimes related to the murder of Jews, the crime against humanity.

The survivors testified at the Fine Solution. He used to cry in court remembering the old days. Not only Israel, the whole world was watching this. For the first time any court action was being shown on television. Adolf Eichmann argued that he was only following orders that he used to meet. The court rejected his plea. Then came the date of 15 December 1961, when Adolf Eichmann was convicted by the court on all charges and Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death. In this case capital punishment is not enough at all. We know it well that there is no word in human language that can explain the sins of the guilty. There is no exact punishment for this crime in human law. On 31 May 1962, Adolf Eichmann was hanged.


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