Armenia vs Azerbaijan military power comparison 2020


Armenia vs Azerbaijan military power comparison 2020 – Who is more powerful ?


Armenia vs Azerbaijan – As we know that Armenia & Azerbaijan is one of the biggest enemy to each other but we don’t know who is more powerful in current decade that is 2020. So in this article we will see who is more powerful in 2020 or if any war has been occur then which country will be in lead we will see in this article. As we seeing these two cuntries are in war with each other just because of a land which are Nagorno-Karabakh. These land officially belongs to Azerbaijan but there most of the people areliving who are non muslim they are Christians that is why Armenia want to add that land into their map.

Land Power Comparison between Armenia & Azerbaijan
Armenia defense budget is around 1.3 Billion dollor while Azerbaijan defense budget is around double of Armenia defense budget which is around 2.8 billion $ that is why Azerbaijan defense system is quite better than Armenia it is fact but it’s doesn’t mean Armenia is weaker than Azerbaijan. We are saying this cause report say that Azerbaijan army is much larger than Armenia also Azerbaijan have best technology which are purched from Russia, Israel and Turkey cause their relation with Azerbaijan is good.

Armenia have 45,000 active military personnel while Isarael have only 126,000 active military personnel only. Armenia army have 200,000 reserved personnel in other side Azerbaijan have 300,000 reserved military personnel. Now if talk about their toatal military availablity than Armenia have 3,781,760 total military personnel while Azerbaijan have 3,781,760 total military personnel.

Armenia have around 529 tanks and 1000+ armoured fighting vehicles(AFVs) while Azerbaijan have around 655 tanks and 1,651 armoured fighting vehicles(AFVs).
Air Power Comparison between Armenia & Azerbaijan

Armenian Air Force have around 65+ aircraft where zero fighter aircraft, 00 multirole aircraft, 13 attack aircraft & 42 helicopters in other side if we talk
about Azerbaijan than Azerbaijan Airforce have around  round 127+ aircraft where 05 fighting aircraft, 13 multirole aircraft, 11 attack aircraft & 75 helicopters.

Armenia have Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft which are one of the best aircraft technology in this current time so that make Armenia airforce strong cause they have these kind of aircraft but if we talk about Azerbaijan than Azerbaijan airforce have Mig-21 & Sukhoi Su-25 advanced technology multirole aircraft which is quite better than Armenia aircraft.

As we know that both country doesn’t have nuclear warheads. But there is a point and the point is Turkey & Pakistan are came in support of Azerbaijan openly and these both country have advanced technology, in other side Russia, France & India came in support of Armenia and these country also have nuclear warheads and these country also have one of the most advanced technology in all field. If there is any war happen then most of the possibility is the third world war will begin and all countries will came in support to each other and thas gonna be very wrost thing in current time. So we just need to pray that these country compromise with each other. 

So all the data is present here now it’s time to comment below & tell us what is your opinion which country is more powerful in all field. I hope you liked this article so please share this with your friend & relative.


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